We achieve this through our free or low-cost musicals and dramatic plays (click on our events page) featuring various non-profit cultural and artistic groups, and by training troupes (classes are free) in Hispanic music and dance to a professional level. It is this training that ensures there will be future generations of performers and audiences to understand and appreciate Hispanic cultural traditions of Spain, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico).
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No other organization in South Texas offers these traditional performances each year. Other organizations sponsor and train dancers and mariachi groups, but they limit their instruction to Mexican and Flamenco traditions. The Hispanic Heritage Society teaches a broader repertoire of artistic expression (such as opera, theater and dance) and history of Hispanic countries.

The principal objectives of the Hispanic Heritage Society are the preservation of the different forms of artistic expressions of the Hispanic Culture and musical traditions of all Hispanic Countries.  Our efforts are designed to promote artistic cultural performances by training talent and artistic groups to develop professional level, at the same time offering the community education and quality cultural programs for our generations to come.
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The Hispanic Heritage Society
is a non-profit organization created to promote several artistic forms under which Hispanic culture expresses itself. Our main goal is to cultivate an appreciation for the cultural heritage of Hispanic Americans among the general population, and to increase self esteem within the Hispanic community by presenting information and opportunities that instill positive values associated with the Hispanic culture.
If you are interested in donating your time, talent, or other resources to our organization, or if you are interested in sponsorship or membership, please contact our Artistic Director, Ms. Cristina Ortega, at 210-822-3247, or email: hhs@hispanicheritagesociety.org.

Box 90136,
San Antonio, TX, 78209   
(210) 822-3247

HHS presents: CANCIONERO 2016, Sunday, May 15th, 3:00 p.m., at the INSTITUTO CULTURAL DE MEXICO AUDITORIUM.  Please call 210-822-3247 for more details.